If you love the Brown Bears- Please come out to the SSC on Monday, January 11th @ 700 PM.  Your participation and attendance could make a big difference for the success and future of our hockey program.

Hello All,

It is my hope that you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season with family and friends. The Brown Bears have resumed practice at the Soldotna Sports Center and are eagerly preparing for the second half of the season. It is necessary at this time to update you on the status of the Brown Bears. Over the past three seasons our organization has witnessed steady growth in all areas. However, we still face some major hurdles to sustain longevity in the North American Hockey League. Ownership of the team has officially transitioned to the non-profit Kenai Peninsula Youth Foundation. As such, we operate on an extremely lean budget, and have been able to succeed only because of the tremendous generosity of our original founder, Barry Schoenly, our Board of Directors of which he is still a member, and an outpouring of support from small businesses and corporate entities. We have not yet achieved the financial stability necessary to operate at optimal efficiency but have steadily made progress toward that end. It is imperative that we expand our board as well as secure a title sponsor to carry the Brown Bears to the next level.

As a non-profit operating in the NAHL, we are required to meet certain criteria related to game-day volunteer positions. While we have been fortunate to have a select few individuals repeatedly step up to assist in various roles, more often we are short on personnel and scrambling to find help at the start of each game. To those few I offer a heartfelt thanks from our Board of Directors. However, we must have MORE volunteers to meet guidelines and contractual obligations of our league, SSC, and expectations of the non-profit KPYF.

This program is now at a crossroads….

Mr. Schoenly has brought an outstanding level of hockey and entertainment to the Central Peninsula. Some key individuals have spent countless hours proving that it is a viable product that is worthwhile and beneficial to our community, both on and off the ice. As Mr. Schoenly scales back his involvement to focus on his health and personal considerations, it is imperative now more than ever that we as a community rise to the occasion and step up to by providing assistance in whatever way possible.

Although the Bears and fans are preparing for the second half of the current season, this is the time of year when all NAHL teams review their individual progress and commit to participate in the 2010-2011 season. The ten remaining regular-season home games will in large part determine the future of the Bears. As our board prepares for what we hope will be another progressive season toward longevity in the NAHL, it will ONLY occur with your commitment to step up and help the Bears.

We need many, many positions filled. If our fans and supporters will step in and volunteer for just a handful of games, collectively we will fill every position and meet our goal. Whether it be ticketing, gate check, merchandise, gaming, penalty box, goal judge, etc., we have a job for you!

Please contact Kasey today at volunteer@krbbears.com to offer your game-day assistance in one of several positions. I am also available at natekiel@krbbears.com to answer your questions.

Also, there will be a CALL TO ARMS- LET\’S KEEP THE BEARS GROWLING- meeting at SSC on Monday, January 11th at 7:00pm. ALL BROWN BEARS SUPPORTERS ARE STRONGLY URGED TO ATTEND.

With your help we can keep the Brown Bears growling into the future!