Billet A Bear

WHAT IS A BILLET? Billet family is a term used in hockey to describe a host family.  Billet families are people in the community who have extra room in their hearts and homes to host a Brown Bear player for the season.  Billet families provide a stable, caring, family environment that becomes “home away from home” for these young men as they pursue their junior and collegiate hockey dreams.  Players come to Alaska from all over the United States, Canada, and overseas to play for the Bears and we need homes from the wonderful Kenai Peninsula community to make them feel welcome.  Hosting a player often creates a special bond between the players and billet families that will last a lifetime.

WHAT DOES IT ENTAIL?  Billet families will host a player (or players) ages 16-21 for the hockey season, which typically runs from  August to May.  Homes will need to provide a room and meals for players, while treating them like one of their own family during their stay.  Players have unusual schedules for practice, physical training, and games/travel, which will be provided for the host family.  Food needs to be provided by the host families while they’re on the Kenai Peninsula, but while they are traveling, players take care of their own food expenses.  Players are expected to adhere to team and house rules and show respect and consideration toward all family members.

WHATS IN IT FOR THE FAMILIES?  Billet families will receive $13 per day per player to offset costs of food and other expenses.  Additionally, billet families will receive 2 season tickets to the Brown Bear home games. The ultimate reward is developing relationships that often carry on for many years, well after the player has left the team.  Players often become mentors to younger household members and develop a bond that carries on for a lifetime with the family.

APPLICATION PROCESS – Below is the initial application (which does not commit you at this time).  Billet families must pass a criminal background check (per league rules) and a home site inspection. Billet families must also register with USA Hockey as well as complete SafeSport. This information will be provided to you by the billet coordinator.

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